Amaretto Cappuccino Flavored Psyllium Husk Fiber Powder

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What’ll make you love Amaretto Cappuccino Flavored Psyllium Husk Powder even more, though, is the long list of health benefits you’ll be seeing once you add Naturlax® psyllium to your daily health routine. Over 80 flavors? Yes please.



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Delicious ones like amaretto cappuccino? Check, and check. The fact that when you take Naturlax® psyllium it will help keep you regular and help contribute to your weight loss efforts? Check everything you’re looking for in a fiber supplement off that checklist, because now you’ve found it.

Naturlax® psyllium delivers the promise of adding the fiber you need to your diet, in a new, non-boring, flavorful way. The fiber will help keep your visits to the bathroom right on track, and make you feel fuller for longer. And when you feel full, you’re not going to overeat. Hello, satisfying weight-loss plan. Goodbye boring fiber supplements. Cut back on unhealthy addictions like caffeine dependency and take Naturlax® psyllium one to three times a day to give your body feel a natural rush of energy.

Adults 12 years & older:

Put one rounded tablespoon into an empty glass. Mix this product with at least 8 ounces of liquid. Taking Naturlaxå¨ psyllium fiber without enough liquid may cause choking. See choking warning. Stir quickly and drink promptly. If mixture gets too thick add more liquid and stir briskly. Fiber can be taken two to three times daily.

Children 6 years to under 12 years:

½ adult dose in 8 ounces of liquid.

Children under 6 years:

Consult a doctor before using.