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Psyllium Fiber Powders with Organic Cane Sugar

Psyllium husk with sugar cane is an amazing but simple way to supplement your fiber needs. Naturlax psyllium fiber powders with organic cane sugar are available in 15 of our best flavors. With so many delicious options to choose from, we bet you’ll find a fiber powder that fits your palette. Just like our sugar-free fiber powders, simply mix our organic cane sugar psyllium fiber with water to enjoy a delicious and smooth fiber-packed beverage. You can mix Naturlax with plant-based milk, smoothies, or even baking recipes for an even better experience. Some of our favorite recipes include mini-pumpkin pancakes, green fiber smoothie bowls, and high-fiber tropical smoothies. Naturlax psyllium husk with sugar combines taste and health to make increasing your fiber intake something you’ll enjoy every day.