Create a Healthy Lifestyle

Support your digestive health with Naturlax’s fiber powders, packets, or capsules!

Fiber Powders

Variety is what keeps life exciting-which is why we offer a selection of over 75 different flavors of Naturlax Psyllium Husk Powder to choose from. We blend the finest quality ingredients with our house, sugar-free sweetener, to create a better tasting fiber powder.

Fiber Packets

Take your fiber powder on the go with Naturlax’s single serving packets. Simply add one packet to your water or favorite drink, mix, then enjoy!

Flavored Fiber Powders for Kids

Constipation and tummy troubles are such common issues among children. And parents know fiber hasn’t always been fun, even for themselves! Naturlax has crafted natural fiber available in tasty flavors your kids are sure to love! Shop our Natural Psyllium Fiber Powder in kid-friendly flavors like Banana Split or Peanut Butter & Jelly.

Psyllium Husk Powder Bundles

Naturlax offers seasonally curated selections as well as variety packs for everyone to enjoy all year round. Flavor enthusiasts can also create their own fiber powder bundles with our customizable variety packs!

What's New

Check out our latest fiberlicious launches! Just when you thought fiber powders couldn't get any more exciting, we've added new products to keep you regular and on your toes. Grab all things new with psyllium husk fiber here!