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natural sweetener

Natural Sweetener

Most nutritional powders that are flavored often come with a sweetener. That sweetener is usually composed of sugar or an artificial sweetener. At Naturlax, we thought about this. Why should a fiber powder have to be full of sugar or worse yet be sweetened with an artificial sweetener that may be bad for you and doesn’t taste anything like sugar. Yuck! Who wants to taste that? At Naturlax, we came up with a sweetener that is created by nature and tastes like sugar but has no calories. We call it SweetenFx and it is amazing. It works with our flavors and natural fruit acids to give you all the pleasure of sweetness without the calories and bitter after taste of other non-caloric sweeteners. If we did not tell you that it was non-caloric, you would swear it was sugar. This natural sugar replacement is the perfect fit combined with our natural flavors, providing you with a pleasurable experience as you drink your daily fiber beverage. Here is to your health.