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Natural Fiber

When you think of fiber, most people think of things like broccoli, whole grains, oatmeal, etc. The fact is there are many forms of fiber and not all of them are pleasurable. Some have textures consistent with saw dust while others have flavors that make you want to lick concrete to remove the flavor from your mouth. When we created Naturlax, we thought long and hard about a fiber that could be blended with an infinite amount of flavors and has a texture that would have us coming back for more. The solution was simple. Psyllium, a fiber that dissolves in water easily, has a neutral flavor so it could be combined with any flavor of our choice and has a consistency that was neither too thick nor gritty. It would function to help move digested food along the digestive tract, strengthen the muscles of the gut, and help eliminate toxins and waste along the way. After all, we all like to eat a lot and today as fast as we eat we also need to get rid of the waste on a daily schedule. Naturlax lets you do that with a nice firm clean dump. Here is to wiping with one sheet of paper.