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Natural Colors

The best part about Naturlax psyllium fiber is it’s color. Most fiber products contain either artificial colors or no colors at all. Since we know that colors from fruits and vegetables contain chemicals essential for a healthy life, we thought it important to use these natural plant pigments to enhance our Naturlax psyllium fiber. When we say our psyllium is orange, mango, or peach flavored, than it should look like the fruit from which it was flavored. Plant extracts like turmeric and annatto make up these orange and yellow colors. Scientists have already shown us that these plant extracts have powerful antioxidant properties. These natural antioxidants otherwise known as phytochemicals include flavonols and anthocyanins. These powerful chemicals help protect the body from oxidative stress. Although they are present in small amounts, they pack a powerful punch against the daily stresses we put on our bodies. Next time you are drinking our Naturlax psyllium, enjoy the color knowing that you are drinking some of nature’s best natural cures.