Orange Mango Passion Flavored Psyllium Husk Fiber Powder

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Taking Orange Mango Passion Flavored Psyllium Husk Powder two to three times daily, you will help wash out your system and keep you regular. Psyllium sweeps through the intestinal tract to help rid the body of built-up toxins. When you clear out these toxins and bad cholesterol, you are helping to lower cholesterol and aiding in the potential relief of gut problems like IBS.

Our psyllium contains no artificial ingredients or flavors, you are getting a 100% natural psyllium that has natural sweeteners, natural flavors, and natural colors. You don't have to worry about any harmful chemicals in our Orange Mango Passion Flavored Psyllium Husk Powder. We believe in the natural way to get your digestive system right back on track.

Adults 12 years & older:

Put one rounded tablespoon into an empty glass. Mix this product with at least 8 ounces of liquid. Taking Naturlaxå¨ psyllium fiber without enough liquid may cause choking. See choking warning. Stir quickly and drink promptly. If mixture gets too thick add more liquid and stir briskly. Fiber can be taken two to three times daily.

Children 6 years to under 12 years:

½ adult dose in 8 ounces of liquid.

Children under 6 years:

Consult a doctor before using.